The Philosophy Quoin Rock

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The Story of Quoin Rock

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The Story

The Story

Approaching the estate on a winding road through canopies of trees in the Knorhoek Valley, quite suddenly you are there,

the Simonsberg mountains and hectares of vineyards both focusing and reframing your view but still, the estate keeps its full story a secret. It is a magical step-by-step revelation that changes with the seasons and the time of day.

In the months that are filled with the promise of summer, the driveway is an extended wall of pale pink roses, the ancient varietal revelling in the Stellenbosch heat. And there are more varietals that colour-pop against the vineyard greens. Pink, cerise, scarlet, white, lilac, apricot and butter yellow… the family patriarch Vitaly Gaiduk’s passion for the rose — second only to exceptional wine — is evident everywhere.

It is one of your first visual gifts on arrival at Quoin Rock.

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The Inspiration

Our viticulturist and winemaker are passionately involved in maintaining the natural balance in our vineyards.

There is a power within the succulent grape
That made thee, stronger than all human power.
It baffles death in its exulting hour,
And leaves its victim fortune to escape.

Thy cheering drops can magically drape
Atrocious thoughts of doom with bloom and flower,
Turning to laughing calm care’s torment sour,
And flooding dreams with many a gentle shape.

— Francis Saltus Saltus
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The Style

Our wines offer a myriad of well-balanced, complex flavours that generate even more harmonies over time.

Our viticulturist keeps watch on the development of the vines, the weather and the soil — nature’s terroir that sets down the building blocks of a great wine. It is then the winemaker’s turn in a combination of natural alchemy and years of experience, to create superior, well balanced wines with complex flavours.

It remains for us to offer you a “taste of the terroir” with our range of Quoin Rock and Namysto wines.